Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the Kenzen Summer Rental?

Answer:  The Kenzen Summer Deployment provides you with the opportunity to deploy and evaluate the Kenzen solution without a long-term commitment.  Kenzen will ship you everything you need to deploy our wearable heat-stress monitoring devices this summer, including loaner devices, accessories, carrying case, mobile application, and supervisory team web dashboard.  Devices will be issued for use all summer and must be returned to Kenzen via prepared shipping boxes no later than September 15th, 2021.


Question 2: What are the minimum site requirements for renting the Kenzen devices?


  1. Your site must have wireless network connectivity (LTE or Wi-Fi)
  2. Participants must wear devices daily to receive alerts and monitor heat-stress risks.
  3. Participants must own an iOS or Android phone and carry it with them.


Question 3: How do I set up the Kenzen Device?

Answer: We will provide you with detailed instructions and videos to help you set up your Kenzen Device.


Question 4: Why do you need personal information like age and medical history?

Answer: Each worker has individual factors that contribute to their heat tolerance. Having this information allows up to protect the workers in challenging environments.


Question 5: Is my data secure and private?

Answer: As with any technology, data privacy is critical, especially when it involves personal biometric data. That's why Kenzen limits the visibility of worker's personal data to only the worker.  Supervisors and managers can ONLY see information that is required to help protect and prevent worksite injuries. We welcome you to view our complete worker privacy commitment on our website at


Question 6:  What if we want to continue to use the Kenzen system on our worksite after the Summer Deployment completes?

Answer: Yes. Please contact Kenzen for further details at


Question 7: Can we cancel during the middle of the Summer Rental for a partial or full refund?

Answer: Due to the short rental period, we do not offer refunds.


Question 8: What if we want to increase the number of devices used on our worksites after the Summer Rental has begun?

Answer: Please contact Kenzen for further details at


Question 9: What happens if one of the Kenzen devices is broken or lost during the Summer Rental time frame?  What if we need additional consumables such as Velcro armbands or device chargers and cables?

Answer: Please contact Kenzen support for broken or lost devices at


Question 10: How do I provide feedback and suggestions during the Summer Deployment?

Answer: We value your feedback.  Please contact us at and someone from our team will follow up with you.


Question 11: What happens if the Kenzen device is not pairing with the employee's phone?

Answer: Ensure the device is turned on (blinking lights on K logo); check app under "Devices." If no device shows up, select "Scan New Devices."  If you are still having trouble connecting, please contact us at


Question 12: What happens if the Kenzen app does not load?

Answer:  Check your mobile device WIFI or LTE connection and ensure that the phone can connect to the mobile app store.  If the app appears to crash upon launch, delete the app from the mobile device and reinstall it from the mobile app store. If you are still having trouble connecting, please contact us at


Question 13: Can the Kenzen device be worn upside down?

Answer: The "K" logo must be facing away from your arm, and the PPG sensors (green lights) are against your skin.


Question 14: How long does it take to setup the device?

Answer: Initial setup takes approximately 5-10 minutes. Once setup, the device is ready to use within 1-2 minutes.


Question 15: How long does it take to charge?

Answer: Approximately 3 – 3.5 hours for a full charge.


Question 16: How long does the battery last?

Answer: 16-18 hours.


Question 17: Can the device be worn over a t-shirt or other clothing?

Answer:  No, it cannot; the device MUST be in contact with the skin.


Question 18: Does the app have metric units?

Answer: Yes, the app supports both Imperial and metric units. Preferences can be changed in your profile.


Question 19: Are the devices certified?

Answer: Yes, by the FCC.